Curtis Walker is a disabled veteran who recently retired as an Administrator with 33+ years in public service. For approximately 33 years Curtis worked in several areas in State Government for the betterment of the disABLED (including veterans). Key areas of accomplishments included providing direct job placement assistance and/or benefit payments for Veterans, the disABLED, and the unemployed in California. Curtis made and was honored for countless improvements in service delivery in each of these three focus areas for the citizens of California. For the sixteen months prior to the election of President Barack Obama, he spent his days working full-time commuting 110 miles each day from Grass Valley to Sacramento, and he has spent each and every night and weekend working tirelessly doing the background work that made Obama so successful in the California Primary in Nevada County with the assistance of his wife, Sherri Walker, the official Nevada County for Obama Team Lead.

Curtis has spent hundreds of hours performing Obama campaign work including; recruiting volunteers, creating the Obama web site for Nevada County, providing internet guidance to Obama supporters, participating in a conference call with Senator Obama on Veterans issues, purchasing and distributing a huge amount of Obama SWAG (buttons, hats, signs, etc.), helping volunteers craft letters to the editor, arranging tabling events in Grass Valley and Nevada City, and standing for hours in the freezing snow on street corners and freeway exits holding up Obama signs to commuters. Literally hundreds of Obama buttons are being worn today in the hills of Grass Valley that he purchased and mostly gave away. Curtis and his wife also traveled to Reno, Nevada to support the Obama campaign during the Nevada Caucus in January, and most recently provided a plane ticket for a local high school student to travel to Pennsylvania to work on the ground in the primary election. The student, Jordan Harp, was selected for the Obama Fellowship Program prior to entering college as a freshman and who, just two years later, was accepted as an intern at the White House.

Curtis is affiliated with the following organizations:

Disabled American Veterans (Life Member)
Nevada County Democratic Central Committee (Supervisor District One Representative-currently Alternate after one full term)
California State Employees Association {Now Retiree Division} (33 year member)
Association of California State Supervisors (23 year member)
International Association of Workforce Professionals (28 year member)
Association of California State Employees with Disabilities (Former)

Curtis has either blogged or written stories for his local newspaper, the Union and other area news media. Due to disabilities he has had to give up his passion, educating others (be in by blogging, mentoring, or responsible for training). Curtis joins the Huffington Post in his first attempt at reporting since a work related injury resulted in his premature retirement. His favorite quote is: The light at the end of the tunnel might just be YOU!