I’m not a fan of traditional bios because they’re filled with labels that tell you nothing about who a person really is inside. For example, I’m an author, a mother, and a businesswoman with a law degree. Does this help you to know who I am? Not really. I’ll try to give you a more accurate picture. I believe that life is for living, success can only be defined by the one pursuing it, and we’re entitled to have the life we want. I am apolitical. I don’t discriminate among parties, groups, or religions. I support ideas that bring real improvement to people’s lives. If a healing or helpful idea comes from liberals, Buddhists, conservatives, Jews or gypsies, I’ll embrace it. I love people who tell their truth, even when I disagree, and those who accept that mistakes and failures are milestones on the path to greatness. I wither around gossip and doomsayers. Tell me what you yearn for and you’ll captivate me. I’ve soared to tremendous heights and suffered soul-ripping tragedy. I choose hope, love, perseverance and wonder. I’ve learned that we are far more alike than different and we all want the same primary thing: to be secure, peace-filled, and content. My mission is to help women create loving, laughter-filled, abundant lives (men benefit from happy women). ~ Cynthia