Daniel Eckler is a Toronto-based entrepreneur, creative director, and author. A graduate of the University of Toronto, he majored in New Media Arts and English. From 2006 to 2010, Eckler founded and developed a series of design and lifestyle websites that became the EveryGuyed network. The network grew to draw over 5,000,000 readers annually, before Eckler sold EveryGuyed in December of 2010. Other sites Eckler has created include MoxyCreative.com, ReciteThis.com, Rememberum.com, and Vizualize.Me.

Eckler and his work has been featured in GQ, NY Mag, Nylon, TechCrunch, Engadget, Vanity Fair, the Wall Street Journal, and the Village Voice. In 2010, Eckler's Torso: T-Shirt Graphics Exposed was published by Gestalten.

Eckler's current projects include Piccsy and MIJLO. Piccsy, founded in early 2010, is a social network for image discovery, that attracts over 3,000,000 visitors monthly.

MIJLO (/my-low/) is a homewares brand still currently under development, focused on creating affordable designer housewares.