Daniel Goldin is a psychotherapist in private practice in Pasadena, where he treats adults, adolescents and children, with a special interest in helping those in recovery. Before turning his imagination to the minds of real people, Daniel Goldin wrote feature screenplays for most of the major Hollywood studios. He co-wrote the cult-classic “Darkman,” and did much uncredited work on "Night at the Museum."

He has also written for The Los Angeles Times, Premiere Magazine and The International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology.

Currently he leads the Special Interest Group on Addiction and Recovery for the San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association, and is the resident expert on Addiction and compulsions for GoodTherapy.com.

Daniel Goldin holds a BA from Columbia University and an MA in clinical psychology from Antioch University.

You may reach him at daniel@danielgoldinpractice.com

Or go tohttp://www.danielgoldinpractice.com

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