My name is Daniel. I'm 17.5, living in Jerusalem and at the twelfth grade. My interests at school are literature and French. I love these subjects very much. In school, I'm the editor of the official paper, and this is my third year in this job. Moreover, I take part in a variety of projects.

As for my own views on life -– I think I'm a very positive person in every aspect. "Being hopeful is not the same as being blindly optimistic," as Barack Obama said. I'm interested in politics and international affairs. This year, I'm the Secretary General of the UN at the Israeli MUN project.

I love reading thrillers (mostly of Daniel Silva) –- the ones I read demonstrate, in my opinion, that thrillers can be more than just for entertainment. My motto is being open to everyone, and that I can learn from everybody. That's why we should not ignore one's needs or thoughts. After all –- we are all humans.

I'm not sure about my future plans. Anyway, I'd like to work in international business.