David Holmberg has written for The Nation, The New York Times Magazine, The Village Voice, the Times regional edition, and New Jersey Monthly. His 2005 story on the Emmett Till case in The Nation has been widely re-printed, and his 2007 article on student evaluations in The Times Magazine drew considerable acclaim from the academic world. (Holmberg taught journalism at New York University for four years.)

Holmberg's reporting expertise in 40 years in print journalism has been primarily on race and the civil rights movement, courts and crime. He interviewed Roy Bryant, one of the killers of Emmett Till, shortly before Bryant died in 1994; it was Bryant's last interview with a reporter. Holmberg traveled with Dr. Martin Luther King for a Washington newspaper just before King's assassination in 1968, and he wrote about the re-investigation of King's murder in The Village Voice thirty years later.

Holmberg's Miami/newspaper novel, "The Tinderbox," came out recently as an e-book, and his novel, "The Hurricane Murders" -- about a reporter covering a double homicide in Florida while his newspaper struggled during the crisis in print journalism -- was published in 2003.