David Kendall

David Kendall – Senior Fellow for Health and Fiscal Policy
David B. Kendall is a Senior Fellow for Health and Fiscal Policy. In 1993, he served on the President’s Task Force on National Health Care Reform. A Capitol Hill veteran, Mr. Kendall served for seven years on the staff of Representative Michael A. Andrews where he held several positions including legislative director and senior policy director, in 1986, Mr. Kendall was a legislative assistant to Representative James R. Jones, former chairman of the Budget Committee. Prior to joining Third Way, he served as Senior Fellow for Health Policy at the Progressive Policy Institute. His work has been praised on the editorial page of The New York Times and by national columnists such as Morton Kondracke and James Glassman as well as several members of Congress including former Senator Bob Kerrey and Senator John Breaux and former Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Bill Thomas. Mr. Kendall attended the University of Chicago as a undergraduate.