A Londoner by birth, he developed a profound childhood stutter. As a result, George VI, the stammering King who had to speak, became a boyhood hero, role model, and inspiration for this film.

Commencing with writing dubbing scripts for “Godzilla The Monster” movies, and taking time out to work as Political Advisor to the Prime Minister of Fiji, Seidler has sustained an extensive career with twenty credits to his name including: “Tucker, The Man and His Dream” starring Jeff Bridges, Joan Allen, and Martin Landau, directed by Francis Coppola; “Malice in Wonderland”, Elizabeth Taylor’s return role after a long hiatus, co-starring Jane Alexander - and projects developed for Bruce Willis, Jane Fonda, and Kirk and Michael Douglas.

Nominated for Writing Achievement by the Writers’ Guild of America three times: winning for “Onassis, The Richest Man In The World” with Raul Julia, Anthony Quinn and Jane Seymour (who won an Emmy for her portrayal of Maria Callas), nominated for “My Father, My Son” with Keith Carradine and Karl Malden, and “By Dawn’s Early Light” with Richard Crenna.

He has also written three animated features, including “Quest for Camelot” (aka “The Magic Sword”) and has lectured at universities in Milan, Rome, and the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

His stage version of “The King’s Speech” will open on Broadway in the Spring of 2011 with Adrian Noble (formerly of the Royal Shakespeare Company) directing.