David_Levine Founder and CEO, Geostellar

David Levine is the founder and CEO of Geostellar, which provides advanced simulations and social encouragement for the adoption of solar power and energy efficiency. Mr. Levine served in a variety of business and technical leadership roles at such geospatial pioneers as Lanworth, Sewall, and ImageTree. Previous entrepreneurial endeavors include Gamebryo, a video game technology platform (formerly Butterfly.net); Ultraprise, a B2B exchange for financial products; and HuskyLabs, the first Web design and Internet integration company. Mr. Levine presented a paper at the First International Conference on the World Wide Web at CERN Particle Physics Lab and wrote one of the first books on the Java programming language, Live Java: Database to Cyberspace. He holds a degree from Yale University and was awarded the Rackham Memorial Fellowship in Poetry at the University of Michigan.