DeeDee Garcia Blase Founder, National Tequila Party Movement (countering Tea Party)

DeeDee Garcia Blase was the foundress of the largest Hispanic Republican group in the nation that began in Arizona and later grew out of crisis during an anti-immigrant fevered pitch era. She dropped her Republican registered voter affiliation, stepped down as the President of SOMOS REPUBLICANS and switched to the Independent Party and is now the Co-President of a non partisan National Tequila Party Movement also known as SOMOS INDEPENDENTS. Leadership consists of Democrats, Independents and Republicans with a mission of getting out the Chicano and Latino Vote for the purpose of promoting immigrant friendly politicians. Somos Independents / the Tequila Party is a WOMAN-LED counter movement to extreme Tea Party Republicans. El Movimiento (the movement) is imperative with regard to key swing independent and women voters who hope to provide pro-immigrant political covering to politicians in high Hispanic populated states and key Presidential election swing states.

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DeeDee Garcia Blase Tequila Party Movement

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