Dennis O'Brien Media Consultant / Producer / D(Squared) Digital

Dennis O’Brien is an award-winning television producer who lives in Denver with his wife and two children. He is an avid, if not graceful, skier and distance (i.e. slow) runner.

Dennis is the founder and Executive Producer of D(Squared) Digital, a media consultancy and production company.

Prior to founding D(Squared), Dennis was Executive Producer of News and Documentaries at HDNet, the all high-definition cable / satellite network owned by Mark Cuban. While at HDNet, O'Brien won multiple awards, including 2 Emmys and an RFK Journalism Award (a first for the network).

From 1993 to 2006, Dennis worked at ABC News in New York and Washington. His last position was Senior Producer for Special Events at Good Morning America. He produced historic broadcasts from around the world, from Vatican City to Jerusalem, from New Orleans to inside the White House.

While at ABC, Mr. O’Brien also produced for PrimeTime Live, 20/20, and This Week.

You can find more of Dennis' rants at his blog, thebrokentail.