Dennis Rodriguez was born in Lajas, Puerto Rico and grew up in a bilingual home in the Bronx, New York. At the age of 16, Dennis moved to Boston, MA to attend Boston University’s College of Fine Arts, earning a degree in Acting. After graduating in 1993, Dennis moved to Kansas City, MO and completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting and Directing. The decision to make family and security his most cherished values took over and he left acting completely to learn how to use a computer and get an office job. He spent the past 12 years in sales and management, earning an MBA in International Business. His existence as a businessman was rivaled by a second life.

Having spent 20 years studying comparative religion and new thought principles, Dennis was consumed for hours in prayer and meditation, experiencing extra sensory healing experiences and spiritual communication with the dying. On May 17, 2009, Dennis made the decision to write a book called The Super Human Effect and embark on a career as an author and speaker. Dennis is a university enrollment counselor and a facilitator of Heart Circles, a worldwide movement founded by Tej Steiner. Heart Circles provide a space to learn how to better hold our focus on creating joy, acceptance, passion and clarity in a rapidly transforming world.

Dennis lives with his wife and two children in Denver, Colorado. Visit