Dennis Santiago Systemic Risk and Global Stability Observer; Architect of Risk Measurement Systems

Dennis Santiago is the Director of the Bank Monitor Division of Total Bank Solutions. He is the architect of the company's bank risk analytics system, TBS Bank Monitor. The product can be found on the internet at TBS acquired these bank analysis assets for Mr. Santiago's firm Lord, Whalen LLC in June 2013. Dennis continues to oversees risk analysis, ratings methodology development and institutional consulting services. LW LLC continues to separately operate a line of SEC filings catalog and analysis tools. Dennis holds a BSEE from the University of California at Irvine and an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management.

Dennis had been a global stability analyst even longer. He worked in the aerospace industry beginning in 1981 as a military operations research analyst with Rockwell International's North American Aircraft division specializing in national policy, global stability and war fighting strategy. He authored early research on the use of "imperfect defense architectures and technologies" for US missile defense and led research projects exploring the use of U.S. heavy bomber assets to support extreme range force projection operations.

Dennis transitioned to the finance industry in 1991. His appointments include serving as Vice President of Corporate Development for Data Broadcasting Corporation, now part of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE:IDC), where Dennis developed products such as the BondVu fixed-income securities analysis system and the InSite market data terminal for Capital Management Sciences. Dennis was one of the founding team members of DBC’s venture. He also served as Chief Strategy Officer for Chicago-based Zacks Investment Research and was Chief Technology Officer of Houston-based Telescan, Inc. where he oversaw the support online systems for, Forbes, American Express (NYSE:AXP), and others.

You can follow Mr. Santago on Facebook at "Dennis Santiago" or on Twitter at "DennisSantiago".

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