Deshna Ubeda is the Associate Director for (TCPC), where she has worked since 2006. Her responsibilities include writing, web management, event planning, administration, project management, and she is the editor for the monthly e-newsletter published by TCPC. She is the project manager as well as a contributor for the Inner Wisdom Series, a progressive Christian spiritual curriculum for children, created by She has done workshops and presentations on the curriculum in the USA, Australia, and Canada.

Deshna grew up in an amazing Progressive Christian church, IUCC, in Irvine California as a PK (pastor's kid) and so was blessed to be involved in a community that was open, educated, innovative, and inclusive. She was involved in the church at many different levels, as a representative for youth at National UCC Conferences, as a youth group leader, and a camp counselor for many years.

She went to the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she graduated with honors as a Religious Studies major and a Global Peace and Security minor. This led her to be a part of the Global Reconciliation Service in New York doing some work with the United Nations. She also was chosen to be a presenter at the National Youth Conference in Washington DC, and then won a scholarship to attend the Hague Appeal for Peace in Amsterdam, Holland in 1999. She studied abroad in England during her Junior Year.

She has worked in Administration for the UC Education Abroad Program, as an Infant Specialist for a non-profit organization, as a Spanish Teacher for elementary children, and as a Yoga Instructor.
Deshna also co-wrote a novel, called Missing Mothers, published by Pizote Press (2011).

During her free time, she enjoys her life in Portland with her wonderful family.