Doug Jones Associate director of programming, Film Independent

After lying about his age, Doug Jones got his first job in film -- shoveling popcorn behind the candy stand of the Hollywood Theater in Sioux Falls, S.D. -- when he was 14. Today, he still works in film, but the theater is now a parking lot.

While working for Landmark Theatres in the Midwest, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies from Metropolitan University. After a few years working in film production, Jones moved into the world on non-profit film organizations. He curated films for Minneapolis’ Oak Street, San Francisco’s Red Vic Movie House and the Noise Pop Film Festival, the Mill Valley Film Festival in Northern California, the San Francisco Film Society and the San Francisco International Film Festival.

He has written on film and film festivals for a variety of magazines and web sites, including indieWIRE, Film CommentTwitch, and flatbed. He is on the Nominating Committee for the Cinema Eye Honors for Nonfiction Filmmaking. In 2002, he joined Film Independent and the Los Angeles Film Festival, where he is currently the Associate Director of Programming.