Dr Tasmia Mesbahuddin Political and social researcher

Dr Tasmia Mesbahuddin has worked in the area of international development for the last 12 years. Most recently she has completed a research fellowship awarded by the Economic and Social Research Council's Non-Governmental Public Action Programme (NGPA), a UK-wide initiative bringing academics, practitioners and policy-makers together concentrating on various forms of formal and informal communitarian approaches in a civil society space over a cross-section of developed and developing countries worldwide.

She has also consulted extensively with UK Aid in Bangladesh and has worked within the non-governmental community both in the UK and Bangladesh, including Islamic Relief UK as a policy and research analyst.

She has spent the last few years delving more deeply into her own faith, Islam, and is now attempting to combine her more secular academic pursuits to her current study of Islam. She has published in international academic journals more specifically on religion and development but is now looking to follow her passion for writing through other media outlets without neglecting motherhood!