Drew Grant

Drew Grant is the pop culture writer at Salon.com, where she posts fan fiction about James Franco and Charlie Sheen in between articles on horror movies and Dr. Drew. She has interviewed Jessica Simpson, Tracy Morgan and
Jay-Z, among others.

Drew's fiction pieces includes a series about Bret Easton

Ellis and The Baby-Sitters Club that Entertainment Weekly’s Keith Staskiewicz called a “brilliant” and “impressive parody… approaching art,” as well as "A Day in the Life Of A Manic Pixie Dream Girl," which was retweeted by Sarah Palin for some reason. Her work has also been cited by New York Magazine, The Village

Voice, FOX News, Gawker, Der Spiegel, The Daily Mail, among others.

Formerly a deputy editor at B5's Crushable.com, Drew has written for McSweeneys, Hemispheres magazine, Nerve.com, The

Frisky, Urlesque.com, Mediate, Huffington Post and Huffington Post’s comedy website, 23/6. Drew has appeared as a commentator on Russia Today and Urlesque’s

Urly Show, and previously worked as an editor at Jossip.com and Fishbowl NY.

When not writing for work, Drew posts non sequitor musings on her Tumblr, DogsAreAdorable.com. She also tweets about news, culture and
television on Twitter.

Drew lives in Brooklyn, not that should make a difference. Email: saradrewgrant at gmail