Managing Director, Advisory Services

Dunstan works with a diverse range of companies—including internet, software, telecommunications, and consumer electronics companies—on corporate responsibility issues such as human rights, climate change, reporting, sustainability strategy, and stakeholder engagement.

From 2006 onwards Dunstan facilitated the multi-stakeholder process to develop global principles on freedom of expression and privacy, which included a diverse mix of companies, civil society organizations, academics, and investors. This led to the launch of the Global Network Initiative in October 2008. In addition, Dunstan was directly involved in the creation of the G3 Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines.

Drawing on these experiences, Dunstan will be co-authoring—with Matthew Gorman of BAA and Andy Wales of SABMiller—a book about the impact of corporate responsibility. Big Business, Big Responsibilities will be published in the summer of 2010. Prior to joining BSR in 2004, Dunstan was part of British Telecommunications' corporate responsibility team. Dunstan has a Master's degree in sustainable development from Forum for the Future.