Eduard Leonard Member of Overtone, a six-member, all-male vocal group featured on 'Mrs. Eastwood & Company'

Eduard Leonard is a member of Overtone, a six-member, all-male vocal group from South Africa managed by Dina Eastwood, wife of Oscar-winning film legend Clint Eastwood. Eddie and his bandmates -- Emile Welman, Shane Smit, Riaan Weyers, Ernie Bates, and Valentino Ponsonby -- are part of the cast of the new E! series Mrs. Eastwood & Company, premiering Sunday, May 20 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

The intellectual member of Overtone, Eduard is the oldest in the group and has been struggling to find his true identity since moving from South Africa to live in the Eastwood home in Carmel, Calif. Besides loving music, Eduard loves people and someday wants to work with the U.N. to better the lives of those who suffer. He also loves the outdoors, rock climbing, learning new languages, and creating, well, anything! He sings the high end, lead, tenor, or soprano and plays the djembe, an African bongo drum. Although he is incredibly creative in the arts, his skills behind the wheel are another story: During his first week in the U.S.A., Eddie accidentally drove Clint Eastwood’s new Mercedes through a storefront!

Filled with love, family, and music, Mrs. Eastwood & Company follows the lives Dina Eastwood; her daughter with Clint, 15-year-old Morgan; Dina's 19-year-old stepdaughter Francesca; and the men of Overtone. Mrs. Eastwood has taken on a true passion project by virtually adopting the band and spending her very limited spare time preparing this group of handsome, wide-eyed young men for possibly life-changing opportunities. From auditions to developing new music and dealing with internal conflict within the group, which includes Eduard “coming out” to his band mates, Dina has vowed to break this band into the American market no matter what obstacles get in her way. With the gorgeous backdrop of Carmel, Calif. as their home, the nontraditional family that makes up Mrs. Eastwood & Company may have their quirks, but they are held together by unconditional love, understanding minds, and plenty of heart.