Eleanor Leonne Bennett content marketing executive at Magnafi and critically acclaimed visual artist

I am an internationally award winning content creator. My work has had critical acclaim and has been extensively published by many respected sources. My art has been published in the Telegraph, The Guardian, The British Journal of Psychiatry, Life Force Magazine, British Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and as the front cover of books and magazines extensively throughout the world. From being quite young I have utilized the proceeds from my work to benefit a number of charities. Some of these include Great Ormond Street, Ink For Aid, Love Drop, Winston's Wish and most recently Action Against Hunger. I have worked as an editor in multiple roles that closely involved the nurturing of talented young creatives and in turn have published them on platforms that showcased their creations. I hold my Bachelor's equivalent and a level four professional diploma in digital marketing from simultaneous study for both qualifications from a background of having never taking any prior examinations. I spend much of my time as of recent as the content executive for video production and advertising agency Magnafi.