Elisa Taub is the founder and editor of momready.com, a leading online parenting magazine that offers practical tips and topics for busy parents with a healthy dose of humor mixed in.

As a stay-at-home mom of two, Taub found herself naturally coming up with all sorts activities, crafts and parenting tips, and quickly became the “go-to-gal” when friends, or friends of friends had any child-related questions. Once her own children entered elementary school, Taub, who was already computer savvy, parlayed her knack for creative parenting, shopping and humor into a successful home based web magazine.

In partnership with BeenThereClearinghouse.com, Taub also recently launched the momready Los Angeles Hurricane Clearinghouse, an online forum where readers can connect with and aid hurricane Katrina evacuees still in need of assistance.

Before starting momready.com, Taub was a TV producer whose credits include Class of ’96, Sweet Justice, and various pilots and movies of the week. She also wrote for the L.A. Reader weekly newspaper, before it ceased publication in 1994. In addition to her role at momready.com, Taub sits on the board of the Valley Community Clinic, is a political and community fundraiser, a Girl Scout Leader, school volunteer and neighborhood rabble-rouser.

Taub lives in Los Angeles, with her husband, two children and a dog.