Elizabeth Cermak

Elizabeth B. Cermak is a 25-year-old aspiring writer/political journalist with a unique, generationally oriented perspective. Recently transferred to Dominican University of California, she began her higher education with two years at Scripps College in Claremont, CA, and studied briefly at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Inspired by her work with the Obama campaign in Akron, OH in 2008, she began to concentrate her education and budding career on the integration of Government and Technology, specifically Web 2.0. Much of her writing on the topic can still be found on ScoopDaily.com, formerly known as Scoop44. Her current goals include completing her B.A., going to Law School, continuing to write for news media outlets, and increasing the influence of her generation in both the political and journalism worlds. Opinionated, passionate, and bluntly honest, she hopes to shock readers enough with her new and young voice that the perspective of today's youth is forced to be recognized by all.

Elizabeth is eager to hear from readers and can be contacted at elizabethbcermak@gmail.com.