Elliot London is a film producer and director. He founded London Productions in 2007.

Born in Australia but raised outside Chicago, London’s love of film began when taking regional classes at the New American Theater at age 10. After graduating from high school, he moved to Sydney, Australia, where he got his first taste of working in the industry by assisting producer Brenton Kewley.

Elliot returned to the States in 2002, where he attended Columbia Film School in Chicago. Majoring in film directing, he continued at Columbia and worked on various student projects as well as interning with The Jerry Springer Show. London’s yearning to work in film was too great for him to remain in Chicago, so in 2005 he relocated to Los Angeles. London started in Los Angeles by associate producing the feature film Dirty Laundry, which had its theatrical release in 2007. He continued working with director Maurice Jamal on Ski Trip 2, until he decided to form London Productions to pursue his own endeavors. In 2007 London created a concept for a new TV series with writer Jennifer Klieman. The pilot Boulevard was London’s directing debut. The pilot had great success with audiences and was considered by a studio. Currently it is being developed into a Web series. Boulevard was showcased at the 2009 Cannes Short Film Corner.

In 2009 London continued shooting short films and scored a huge success with 306, a dramatic short that has been showcased at over 15 film festivals worldwide. With London directing and the talent of Sandra Valde behind the camera, the film has garnered much praise. This dynamic director/cinematographer duo is actively working together on future projects. Valde was the DP for Kaboom, which screened in Cannes 2010.

In 2010 London had his first opportunity to work on reality TV by shooting DVD coverage for the new Showtime shows The Real L Word. London's latest short film, The Wedding Dance, has seen a lot of acclaim in the LGBT community as a positive perspective on LGBT culture. Currently, London is in development for his feature script Friend, a film whose story is loosely based of his own personal experiences of being bullied while growing up. Friend is set to be shot in late summer and released at the end of 2012. London strongly believes in helping the LGBT film community by donating and volunteering his services.