Dr. Elly T. Katabira

Dr. Elly T. Katabira is Associate Professor of Medicine and former Deputy Dean for Research, Faculty of Medicine at Makerere University; President, International AIDS Society Governing Council ; and International Chair/President-Elect, International AIDS Society (IAS). Since 1985 he has worked extensively in the field of care and support for people living with HIV. He is the Clinical Advisor at the AIDS Clinic in Mulago Hospital and at the Infectious Diseases Institute of Makerere University Medical School in Uganda. In 1990 he was recognized as a World AIDS Foundation International Scholar. Dr. Katabira’s research interests include clinical trials and operational research issues on various aspects of HIV/AIDS care and support delivery, both within institutions and at community level. Dr. Katabira has consulted on HIV/AIDS care and support issues for UNAIDS and WHO, as well as for Family Health International. He is co-Founder of The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) and is their Medical Advisor. Dr. Katabira has authored more than 150 scientific articles and abstracts.