Eric Fernandez is pursuing undergraduate studies in social work and education, with an interest in people’s life stories and how they are influenced by their social environment. He has worked with court-involved youth populations (including those involved in foster care, juvenile/criminal justice, probation, and parole).

Fernandez has been a case worker and youth coach in New York City for the past six years, as well as a consultant to non-profit organizations that provide services to court-involved youth. He is also a research assistant at Teachers College, Columbia University, studying the dynamics of the connection between court-involved youth and education, media, and the arts.

Fernandez and Emanuel Diaz, both age 23, are co-founders of PUSH Youth Project. Together, their interests include child welfare, therapeutic/development services, and the arts and media (e.g., audio/video production, performance theater, artistic design, and visual arts). They continue to work with like-minded individuals and organizations that advocate for social change.