Eric Volz Fmr. Political Prisoner of Nicaragua; Author, Gringo Nightmare

Eric Volz holds a degree in Latin American Studies from the University of California, San Diego. In 2004, Eric moved to Nicaragua and launched EP Magazine, a bi-lingual publication focusing on conscious living, cross-cultural understanding, and sustainable development. In November of 2006 Eric Volz learned of the murder of his ex girlfriend Doris Jiménez. In February 2007, Volz was convicted for her murder and claimed evidence proving him non-guilty in the case was ignored; as he fell victim to anti-American sentiment in the corrupt government of Nicaragua. Volz was finally released from prison in December 2007 after a three-judge panel overturned his conviction. As a result of his court case in Nicaragua, and his subsequent book GRINGO NIGHTMARE (St. Martin’s Press) his story has been featured worldwide and has become an inspiration for other U.S. citizen unjustly detained in foreign lands.