Erika Dimmler comes to Fuse Corps with over 16 years of CNN newsroom experience. During that time she has served the nation’s leading news network as a Senior Producer covering stories ranging from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the inauguration of President Barack Obama, and a myriad of economic stories including G20 summits around the globe and most recently, the 2012 Republican primary race for the White House. Erika’s political background and experience run the gamut. Having covered seminal stories such as the Clinton impeachment trials as well as key moments during the Bush and Obama administrations, she has had a front row seat to Washington’s most impactful political stories: national healthcare reform, government shutdown and the recent repeal of ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’. Her duties at the network focused not only on covering the editorial elements of these stories, but also extended to capturing these moments from behind the lens of her camera. When she wasn’t traveling with the President, Erika dedicates much of her time to her insatiable photography habit, downhill skiing, letterpress design and spoiling her Jack Russell terrier, Abigail.

Fellowship Year

Office of Mayor Kevin Johnson - Sacramento, CA Cultivating and Revitalizing Sacramento’s Economy Working alongside the Mayor and his senior staff, Erika will take a senior leadership role in executing the Greenwise Action Plan. Erika will have a high level of ownership over the project, helping to bring the Initiative’s three key components from the planning stage to implementation. Erika will help the city attract new clean technology projects, develop a qualified workforce and help engage the community to buy into the initiative’s sustainability goals. At this stage in the Greenwise Initiative Plan, the engagement and support of key stakeholders across the region is key to its success. Erika will mobilize stakeholders to adopt and deliver on the wide range of goals set forth, working daily with small business professionals, leaders in the green technology, and the community to build the green economy envisioned by the Initiative.

“The environment is a huge issue in California, both politically as well as socially, and being a part of something as progressive as the Greenwise Action Plan, and participating in its growth, is extremely exciting to me. I feel like this project has the potential to not only be incredible for the community, but could also be used as a model throughout the state and country.”

- Erika Dimmler