A renowned author, speaker and educator, Dr. Frank Wildman is recognized as a pioneering advocate for the Feldenkrais Method -- a philosophy and system of movement that has revolutionized the treatment for pain and loss of energy associated with daily activity, exercise and aging.

Dr. Wildman is the creator of the popular Intelligent Body series, a complete line of Feldenkrais lessons on audio and DVD, and Change Your Age, a program with a book and DVDs that is designed to rewind years of bad habits and encourage the discovery of innately healthy, pain-free methods of movement. He also developed the Change Your Age Mobility Survey.

For nearly 40 years, Dr. Wildman has been a teacher, practitioner and mentor to countless medical professionals, athletes, fitness experts, musicians, dancers and a host of others who have embraced the proven health benefits of Feldenkrais.

Fascinated by the philosophy and teachings of the physicist, engineer and Judo Master, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Dr. Wildman studied with him for a decade while simultaneously acquiring degrees in Physical Education, Biology and Somatic Psychology. Studying patterns of animal movement and child development, Dr. Wildman recognized links between psychology and the science of motion. This insight grew into an innovative understanding that has influenced the entire field of movement sciences and has led to advances in physical therapy that have been adopted internationally by hospitals, universities, physical and occupational therapists, and somatic psychologists.

As the first educational director of a Feldenkrais Professional Training Program, he has guided the certification of a host of practitioners and allied health professionals through the years. As a president of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America, he helped develop and define the standards of practice that are the current international guidelines.

Dr. Wildman has directed over twenty professional training programs in the United States, Europe and Australia, and has introduced the Feldenkrais Method to organizations as diverse as the Australian Institute for Sport and the American Back Society. His signature programs, “The Evolution of Motion,” “Your Brain as the Core of Strength and Stability,” and “Reconstructing Dance Technique,” distill his lifetime of experience in science, education and clinical practice into brief but powerful courses.