Frederick Thomas is the founder and CEO of MHz Networks, which has brought more international television programming into America than all other U.S. based broadcast television networks combined. Over the course of 15 years, Mr. Thomas has been steadfast in the pursuit of non-U.S. based programming which is easily accessible for American audiences. Whether through foreign films – 110 titles representing 55 countries at last count – or the widest range of international news from such trusted brands as NHK, Al Jazeera English, Deutsche Welle, Arirang, France 24, SABC, RAI, FujiSankei, France 2, IBA, RTVE, CCTV, TVE, Russia Today, B92 and ANI – or exposure to world sports such as Australian Rules Football, Gaellic Hurling, European Handball Federation, International Rugby, or Soccer – Americans have come to count on MHz Networks as the easiest way to discover the world without leaving home.