Gena Grish If there is one thing Gena Grish is, it is a professional

If there is one thing Gena Grish is, it is a professional. She has spent time as a broker, a matchmaker and is currently working in advertising sales at Men’s Health Magazine. But where she truly seems to excel (or not) is in the dating arena. That is, if you define excelling as a series of horrible bad dates and a ton of bad luck.

In the three years she has lived in Chicago, she has covered a lot of ground in the dating scene and broken just as many hearts. When she’s not busy doing her day job, or out looking for potential dates, she is submitting stories to any magazine or website that will have her. Her hard work paid off when she won 1st place in the Chicago Reader’s Valentines Day “Mismatched” contest, which led to her blog on The Huffington Post. Now that her professional life is on the rise, she feels strongly that her dating karma will eventually turn around as well, and she will finally find her happy ending. Until then, she will keep kissing the frogs in order to find her prince.

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