Gigi Ramos, aka Gij Ramos, aka Luz Ramos Brake, was born in the Philippines on Sept.14, 1958. She went to preparatory school to grade 11 in an all girl Catholic school run by Immaculati Cordis Mariae, or ICM nuns. She then went to the state university for a course in the arts and majored in visual communication, but in between she had two children at an early age which disrupted her school. In an effort to make something of herself she started painting for her mother who commissioned her to adorn their family home with her works. She has continued to do this on and off until she had a job from the family business while also freelancing as an illustrator and cartoonist for a couple of broadsheet papers. In 2006 she met an Australian-born man to whom she was eventually married in 2013. She lived there until she married an Australian born man in 2013. She has retired from her job as manager in the Philippines and now lives as a housewife who occasionally paints and attends art workshops in Queensland, Australia.