Nancy Goldstein Opinionator, communications strategist, and red meat-eating lesbian.

Nancy Goldstein's work has appeared in venues including the Guardian, the Atlantic, the American Prospect, the Nation, NPR, Politico, US News & World Report, Raw Story, Salon, Slate, and the Washington Post, where she was an Editor's Pick and the winner of the blogging round during their Next Great Pundit Contest. She has covered topics as diverse as NBC's error in hiring Johnny Weir and Thomas Roberts to "pink wash" their failure to address Russia's anti-LGBT laws during the Sochi Olympics, the US national security smokescreen, Barilla pasta's big gay mistake, the failure of the military to address its mental health and suicide crisis, the racial politics of Alabama’s death row, the debilitating effect of the war on drugs on women and children, and "20 Fictional Women I Would Never Sleep With."