Harmann P. Singh is a junior at Columbia University pursuing a joint major in mathematics and economics. He served as an Intern at The White House in the summer of 2014. He hopes to leverage his education to empower underprivileged and marginalized communities.

Harmann has published articles in the Huffington Post and Columbia Spectator on youth empowerment, has served as an editor for a book on human rights violations in India, and has spoken at various symposia across the country on issues of gender equality, minority rights, and human rights violations.

At Columbia he serves on the executive boards of Columbia University Sewa and the Columbia University Orchestra, is an Interfaith Fellow with the Chaplain's Office, and served as a Research Assistant in the Department of Economics.

In his spare time, Harmann is a classical percussionist and has performed in Lincoln Center and as a soloist with the Buffalo Philharmonic.