Heath Calvert was born in Dayton, Ohio to a woman from Indianapolis and a gentleman from Pittsburgh. He subsequently lived in Indiana, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Mississippi, Colorado, and finally New York City. Sometimes he thinks he knows everything, but the majority of the time admits he knows almost everything or nothing at all. Once, at a fundraising gala, he smacked a mosquito that had alighted on the forehead of the former lead White House Legal Counsel to the Carter Administration. Later he realized that he may be the only person on the planet who had ever smacked this gentleman's forehead and was thanked for it. He thinks Teddy Roosevelt had his pros and cons, and has civil libertarian, socialist, democratic, anarchist, and republican inclinations. Heath studied classical voice, theater, finance, and accounting at Indiana University. He has been subcontracted to Raytheon Aerospace and Ericsson telecommunications, performed as a surfer on Broadway and as a soloist with a bunch of symphonies, blogged for the Huffington Post, been dream sequenced out on The Guiding Light, and waited on Bjork. He is also creative consultant and contributing writer to the multi-media political satire Happy Sunshine Kung Fu Flower, sponsored by the Onion, Ars Nova, Comix, and the Zipper Factory and host to past guests such as: Rachel Maddow, Amy Goodman, and Mo Rocca. He has a mild addiction to liberty and won't shut up about it.