I received my doctorate from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 1968 and returned to McGill University, where I hold the Cleghorn Professorship of Management Studies. I have published 180 articles and 19 books, including Managers not MBAs (2004}, Simply Managing (2013), Rebalancing Society (2015), and Managing the Myths of Health Care (2017).  In recent years, I have done more general writing, including a TWOG (tweet2blog: @mintzberg141 to mintzberg.org/blog), as “provocative fun in a page or 2 beyond pithy pronouncements in a line or 2.” I have worked for much of the past two decades developing new approaches to management education and development, to enable managers to learn from their own experience. (See impm.org and imhl.org.) Otherwise, I continue to spend my public life dealing with organizations and my private life escaping from them—in a canoe, up mountains, atop skates, and on a bicycle.