I’m currently an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) at the University of Sydney, Australia and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Rochester Medical Center, NY. I completed my bachelor degree with a double major at Haifa University (Israel) and my PhD (social psychology) at the University of British Columbia (Canada). As a researcher, I’m interested in diverse topics such as how our genes and environment affect us physically and cognitively, the relationship between our choices and our satisfaction, emotional and behavioral changes related to the amount of control we feel that we have, and, of course, what is coolness. Undoubtedly due to lapse in editorial judgment, my research appeared in prestigious scientific journals such as Science and Psychological Bulletin. To sustain my (apparently obsolete) sense of coolness, I lived in a variety of cool places such as Vancouver and Alaska and traveled extensively spending over a year backpacking in East and South Asia, six months in South and Central America, six months in Australia, and a few months in Europe.