James Marshall Reilly Entrepreneur, Author, Commentator

Paperback release from Penguin THIS WEEK 8/29/13 - James Marshall Reilly's first book, Shake the World, which focuses on the job market, social entrepreneurship, business in the 21st century, philanthrocapitalism, and the change generation, was released in Hardcover by Penguin in January, 2012. The book features interviews with many of the top young game-changers in the world, from Tony Hsieh (Zappos) and Doug Ulman (CEO & President of LIVESTRONG) to Elizabeth McKee Gore (Executive Director of Global Partnerships for the United Nations Foundation) and Blake Mycoskie (TOMS), among many, many more. The text explores the career marketplace and how a new generation is embracing technology and a shift in values and consciousness to trigger social change and ultimately achieve success, however individually defined. Reilly is an entrepreneur, social commentator, and public speaker who has appeared at venues ranging from MIT to Chicago Ideas Week. He is 30 years old and lives in New York City.