Janet M. Neal Author, coach, speaker, facilitator, Superbwoman(R) - It's all about the BE!

Janet Neal is passionate about living a balanced life because, well, she doesn’t have much of a choice! As a single mother of three independent souls, an entrepreneur, a writer, coach, speaker and friend to many, she faces the same joys and frustrations that many in her readership do. Janet not only brings her eclectic life experience and passion for living to her writings, but offers her readers solutions and inspiration as well.

Janet has been writing her newsletter and blog, A Balanced Perspective, since 2002, when she left her corporate life behind and entered the world of entrepreneurship. She is the author of Soul in Control: Reflections of a Reformed Superwoman, has been a columnist in regional publications, quoted in numerous mainstream media, and has read her pieces on Writing from the Heart on Sirius Radio. Janet lives happily in New Jersey (a place she said she’d never live) with her children and two dogs. Visit her website at www.janetmneal.com.

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