Jeanette Cajide A multipotentialite who has an uncompromising relationship with the truth

Jeanette Cajide knows what it’s like to be an underdog. She wore leg braces as a toddler and went on to perform as a professionally trained ballerina. She was told by a high school counselor that she’d never be college material - and then earned degrees from Harvard, Northwestern, and the University of Texas at Austin. Earlier in her career, armed with nothing but a journalism degree, this daughter of Cuban refugees navigated the world of Wall Street as an investment banking analyst at Merrill Lynch. She became one of the youngest executives in the history of Accenture and after business school, she joined the prestigious Special Situations Group at Goldman Sachs after being told by a recruiter that the group didn’t recruit at her school. That just meant she had to find another way in so she did. She is a serial entrepreneur, Jeanette cofounded Blurtt a mobile app that let users communicate emotions and thoughts with images. Mashable named it one of the top six apps to download the week it launched. She was also on the founding team of Vinli, a connected car platform and an early employee at Dialexa, a product innovation firm. Jeanette has learned a lot of lessons throughout the years but the main lesson she’s learned is: life’s too short to not be authentic. That’s the message she weaves into her speaking and writing on digital transformation, tech trends, and innovation -- with honesty and wit. She’s reached audiences as a contributing writer to Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and Entrepreneur, and at conferences around the world.

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