Jeffrey P. Colin Dedicated Impartial Observer, and Writer

Jeffrey P. Colin is one of many voices for the Poor, and those suffering from mental illness, who lives in Las Cruces NM. He works to improve awareness of the nature of mental illness, and the relationship between societal mores, misconceptions, and global misunderstanding of mental illness.

Mr. Colin suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and "Essential Tremor," a "benign" neurological disorder which is widely considered to be genetic in origin. His experiences with his own disorders, and important people in this life that suffer with Bipolar Disorder, and other forms of mental illness, have moved him to advocate more vigorously to work in many modes on behalf of those suffering from various forms of physical and mental illnesses.

He has spent a majority of his life living "below the poverty line." Those experiences have encouraged him to work towards building an improved understanding of the nature, causes, and consequences of allowing poverty to prevail in the world. Mr. Colin considers himself to be a Democratic Socialist, and advocates an enlightened approach to human interaction which involves compassion, tolerance, and a rejection of both cruelty and greed.

Those wishing to contact me via email can do so by contacting me at:
buddhistchimp [at] writeme [dot] com

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