New York City-based comedian Jen Remauro is full of unstoppable zest, wit and inappropriate statements. As a fresh face in the comedy industry Jen has performed at an array of clubs all over the East Coast & Los Angeles, sharing the stage with some heavy hitters in the industry such as, The Reverend Bob Levy, Jim Florentine, Don Jamieson, Rich Vos, Bonnie Mcfarlane, Otto & George, Angel Salazar, John Mulrooney and Darren Carter.

Besides producing laughter on stage, Jen also writes and books celebrity guests for radio shows and podcasts. She has recently joined The Riot Cast Network and currently books for one of their top-rated shows. She can also be seen as a weekly regular on The Reverend Bob Levy's video podcast, Levyland Live. Her hilarious sense of humor, quick wit and unique writing skills has gained her plenty of recognition amongst veteran comedians on Twitter which has led to her booking some top-notch guests during her career such as Jesse James, Sandra Bernhard, The Reverend Bob Levy, Lisa Lampanelli, Faizon Love and Jim Norton.

Jen has been featured on MTV’s “Beach House” (1997), “Change of Heart” (2002), TLC’s “A Baby Story” (2005), (2011), NBC Extra (2011) and (2011). She is currently working on a T.V. pilot in NYC & L.A.