Jérôme Cle Founder and CEO, SCCP Group

Jérôme Cle is founder and chief executive officer of the SCCP Group, a global innovator in secure m-commerce technologies operating under the Swiff™ brand. SCCP aggregates a suite of end-to-end secure payment solutions to merchants around the world. Jérôme determines the company’s strategic direction for payment solutions across a range of mobile payment platforms, including processing, technology, security and authentication.
Prior to taking the lead at SCCP, Jérôme was the entrepreneurial visionary behind numerous successful startups based in Singapore and Switzerland. Jérôme has more than 15 years of experience in private banking, developing and championing cutting-edge investment products globally.

Jérôme is intuitively team-oriented, having created and run several dedicated networks in his tenure with a strong appreciation of the multitalented people surrounding him. A self-starting entrepreneur with a solid understanding of various global cultures, he is driven by a passion to constantly innovate for the good of the community and the needs of the future. Jérôme is a member of the Swiss Business Association and the Singapore Business Association, among other professional organizations.