Jesse Levin Founder, Tactivate

Jesse Levin is the founder of Tactivate, an initiative that meshes the veteran special operations community with the start-up ecosystem and applies the communication, leadership and innovation skills of military personal to facilitate holistic development of community, culture and strategic partnerships in the private sector. In addition to running Tactivate, Jesse is currently working with Brooklyn Boulders an organization that opens hybrid climbing and innovation facilities on strategy and new initiatives including the development of the Active Collaborative Workspace. Prior to his current work, Jesse founded and ran Archer Group Investments, a cultural mediation consulting firm based in Panama for six years.

Jesse graduated from Babson College and has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, FastCo and La Prensa for his investment and development work in Panama as well as for his community, culture and branding work in the US with ventures including Brooklyn Boulders and Team Rubicon. Jesse is an Aspen Institute Jr. fellow, Thiel Fellowship Mentor, Summit Series member and is an advisor and investor in numerous start-ups including Hack-Fit, Escobar Aspen, Kogeto and Adaptagear. Jesse holds a Wilderness EMT medical certification and is a licensed USCG Captain.