Jessica Jimenez Student at CUNY College of Staten Island majoring in childhood education

--21 years old
--Student at CUNY College of Staten Island
--Majoring in Childhood Education
--Member of the New Yorkers For Children Youth Advisory Board and can speak about the impact of NYFC programs such as Network to Success and the Back-to-School Package Program
--Has been in foster care for over 13 years
--Entered care because her mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia and her father was a drug addict
--Is the oldest of three siblings that she felt responsible for as they moved through the foster care system
--Believes that being in foster care was actually a positive thing – “Being in foster care inspired a deep desire within me to lead, guide, and mentor other children who are growing up surrounded by chaos. “
--Wants to dedicate her life to helping other children in similar situations – “I would like to pursue a career where I can transform the lives of children like me -- perhaps as a teacher, a principal, or in some other meaningful way.”