Jim Kennedy Former spokesman for Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and Joe Lieberman

Jim Kennedy has worked as a spokesman for Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and Joe Lieberman during his career in public service. In 2005, he joined Sony Pictures Entertainment in Culver City, CA and currently serves as Executive Vice President for Global Communications.

Jim’s work with the Clinton Administration began in January, 1998 when he was named Special Advisor to the White House Counsel and served as a spokesmen during the Ken Starr investigation and impeachment proceedings. In January, 2000 he became Deputy Press Secretary and Deputy Assistant to the President, and in June was named Communications Director for Vice President Al Gore, serving as a spokesman during the 2000 election recount.

In January, 2001, Jim joined Senator Hillary Clinton as Communications Director and Senior Advisor.

In June, 2002, Jim moved to New York and rejoined President Clinton as Counselor and Communications Director for him and the Clinton Foundation in Harlem, working with the former President on his 2004 book tour and library opening, and during the 2005 visit by Presidents Clinton and Bush to the tsunami-ravaged nations. He also continued to serve as an advisor to Senator Clinton’s campaign committees. More recently, Jim served as a volunteer advisor to Hillary Clinton in her presidential campaign and during her transition to the position of Secretary of State.

Prior to joining the Clinton White House, Jim served with Joe Lieberman during his time as Connecticut Attorney General and in the Senate. He’s a graduate of the University of Rochester, and has a master’s degree from American University.

The views expressed in Jim's posts are his alone.