Jody Wagner Democratic Candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia

Jody Wagner is the Democratic Candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia.

For more than 25 years, Jody Wagner has called Virginia home – raising four children, building a small family business, becoming active in her local community, and serving as a key part of the team that put Virginia back on the right track during the Warner and Kaine Administrations.

In 2002, newly-elected Governor Mark Warner appointed Jody as Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Virginia. When they took office, Virginia was mired in a fiscal crisis and faced record deficits. Partisan gridlock was crippling the state’s ability to get things done. But by making tough choices, tightening the state’s belt, and working across the aisle, they were able to put Virginia’s fiscal house back in order.

When Governor Tim Kaine took office, he named Jody as the Commonwealth’s first female Secretary of Finance. During her tenure, they kept Virginia moving forward by investing in infrastructure while maintaining fiscal discipline and standing up to those who would be reckless with the state’s financial stability. By making hard decisions, they kept Virginia fiscally strong despite difficult economic times.

As a result, during Jody’s time in state government, Virginia was named the best managed state in the nation twice, the best state for business three times, and the best state for raising children.

In 2005, Jody and her husband started a small family-owned business, Jody’s , in her home town of Virginia Beach. Over the past several years, they’ve met the challenges that small business owners face as they grow. They have also partnered their business with several local charitable, religious and educational groups in an example of how local business and community organizations can work together to help their local communities. Jody also served as a member of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and the Virginia Small Business Authority where she helped invest in small businesses throughout the Commonwealth.

As the mother of four children, Jody has also been a strong advocate for education. An active member of her children’s school community, she’s served on the Virginia Public School Authority and on the Commonwealth of Virginia Joint Subcommittee Study on Science, Math and Technology Education, where she focused on ways to bolster science education at all grade levels across Virginia. Jody also worked to strengthen higher education in Virginia as a member of the Eastern Virginia Medical School Board of Visitors and as a member of the Virginia College Buildings Authority.

She and her husband, Dr. Alan Wagner, live in Virginia Beach, where she was a practicing attorney before joining the Warner Administration. She is a former Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia.