Joe Harris Chief Movement Officer, SHOUT b cause, LLC

Joe Harris drives the Marketing and Business Development for the no bully txtTM line of t-shirts for SHOUT b cause, LLC. Joe sees life through bright rose colored glasses and believes there are market niches that are yet untapped which can make the human experience much more meaningful. His passion lies in breaking the mold by providing products and services that are unique, engaging and smart. Joe was instrumental in bringing SHOUT b cause, LLC to GLEE cast member, Max Adler and his City Hearts non profit who chose our design for their shirts. This is the first of many partnerships Joe will help to create in the fight against bullying.

With over 20 years of advertising and marketing experience, Joe has helped countless corporation sand organizations create powerful brands, raise national awareness, generate incremental revenue,and expand market share and mind share. Joe is an active Rotarian serving his community and in his spare time, Joe coaches a variety of youth sports.

Personal Note from Joe: Confronting the bullying epidemic is long overdue. Everyone has been there. We've all been bullied at some stage of our lives. Other kids, parents, teachers, coaches, colleagues...I've seen all kinds of people bully others. The sad part is its wrong, and yet our society, until now, has tolerated it. That way of thinking is over. I'm so excited that we're playing a part in changing that dynamic. We're going to help victims take back the classrooms, the school hallways, the playgrounds, the malls, theInternet. It's not okay to purposely hurt someone else for your own benefit. And now, we're going to call those individuals out on it. We're on offense now. We're taking the field and we're setting the ground rules. We're making the opening statement before bullies have the opportunity to strike. It isn't cool to be a bully anymore. And through our T-shirts we're going to let everyone know it! To learn more, visit: