Joe Montana will always be everyone’s favorite in America’s favorite sport. He’s the most accomplished and honored player in the history of football. A victory in each of the four Super Bowls played, Joe is a three-time Super Bowl MVP and has two NFL MVP awards. His legend is golden.

More than anything else, Joe’s on-field heroics put him a league all his own; an unfailing ability to rise to the occasion and inspire his teammates to do the same. Forget the deadly accuracy of his passes, the best touchdown-to-interception ratio in football history, and other Montana trademarks that can be attributed to mere athletic brilliance. Leadership, heart, grit, magic, miracles. These are the things we came to expect from Joe Montana with his hands on the ball and the game on the line. He made a career of delivering in the clutch.

Not surprisingly, Joe brings the same brand of intense commitment and quiet enthusiasm to his responsibilities as a father of four, a husband to Jennifer, and a true all-American. In addition to his work on the Kraft Foods’ Huddle to Fight Hunger campaign, Joe is active in such charitable organization as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Four Rings Montana Family Foundation. He is grateful for the opportunity to give his time and resources. But don’t think Joe’s ready to be put away atop a pedestal. He’s still very much a personal hero to millions; the quintessential nice guy, decent, unflappable and eminently trustworthy. He’s a man of accomplishment with the qualities your average Joe likes to see in himself.