Joseph Carlisi Author, Painter, University Lecturer

Born and raised in New York City, he earned BA and MA degrees in Philosophy at Hunter College in New York and then continued his graduate studies in Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

After ten years as a university lecturer, researcher and administrator, he returned to his deepest interests: painting and writing. He traveled extensively and worked as a writer, photographer, and artist. He started and managed an advertising / public relations firm that handled a wide range of commercial accounts. On the academic side, he published a series of seven articles on animal behavior for Harvard Magazine and two books: “A Guide to Personal Power” and most recently “Playing God on the Eve of Extinction": )

In 1994, Carlisi was invited into an intense, close association / apprenticeship with noted shamanic philosopher / anthropologist / author, Carlos Castaneda which endured until his passing in 1998.

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