Breakthrough hip hop artist Josh Baze was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York just a few stoops down from legendary rapper Biggie Smallsʼ childhood home. Baze grew up in a family of four sisters with nothing in a neighborhood where gang initiation and violence are daily occurrences.

Bazeʼs love for music dates back to his fatherʼs career as a DJ. With an endless selection of cassette tapes at his finger tips, he often lost himself in the music, dreaming of what it would be like to be one of the musicians -- one of his idols. In his early teens, a relative and hip hop musician took Baze to his first recording studio and introduced him to the music making environment.

The only male in a house he shared with his mom and two sisters, helping to raise his nieces. With his bedroom as his one escape, Baze wrote and produced original songs using an PC and outdated version of Cool Edit Pro. Baze did not limit his talents to just music making, his attractive image also landed him a high-end modeling gigs for Italian fashion label Versace and a variety of other marquee brands and publications.